Smart Infrastructure

Arora Technology Group, LLC

Smart Infrastructure

At Arora, we apply our mission of rethinking infrastructure to all aspects of the systems within a building, terminal, runway, bridge or tunnel. We see all these systems as a web of interconnectivity – a living, breathing organism. Our goal is to make these structures and systems smarter and more connected, safer for inhabitants and assets, more green and efficient and longer lasting.

This is why innovation is at the forefront of our approach and why we’re excited to continually push the edge of possibility forward. Arora Technology Group’s ATLAS platform provides the capability to integrate a wide variety of sensors and systems from across the enterprise. We provide custom software development solutions, analysis and design services as well as integration and support for new and existing systems. Organizations can rely on Arora’s industry knowledge and experience to provide the best overall solution design. Arora ATLAS® has an open API to allow our platform to push or pull data from other applications or existing sites, systems, or interfaces.

Whether working on LEED certified systems design, interactive digital signage, the Internet of Things, Arora ATLAS® passenger analytics, a new Venue Management Platform (VPM), synchronized fire alarm and mass notification, GIS and Asset management and much more, our focus is to consistently bring smarter and smarter solutions to the systems that are taking our society into the future.

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