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At Arora Technology Group (ATG), we apply Arora’s mission of rethinking infrastructure to all aspects of the systems within a building, terminal, runway, bridge, or tunnel. We see all these systems as a web of interconnectivity – a living, breathing organism. Our goal is to make these structures and systems smarter, better connected, and safer for inhabitants, as well as make assets greener, more efficient, and longer lasting.

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The Arora ATLAS® platform integrates systems, data, and IoT across the enterprise, and delivers these capabilities to mobile devices for access to critical information everywhere it’s needed.

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Digital TransformationDigital Trans­formation

ATG helps organizations transform cumbersome, outdated manual processes through automation, the infusion of digital technology, and process orchestration. Our team reviews existing processes and looks to leverage digital services to adjust, augment, automate, and support them to create more efficient workflows and enhanced customer experiences.

Internet of Things

Data Insights and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things and its data are driving our organizations. Those that take advantage of this data are empowering themselves with the best information. Our team helps organizations understand the IoT landscape, focus on the data that makes sense for their business, and creates powerful information sets that provide real value.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

ATG leverages artificial intelligence and augmented reality to help drive innovative solutions for current and emerging business challenges. Whether it’s supporting more efficient facilities maintenance or enabling better decision making through enhanced analytics, ATG provides value by leveraging experience at the cutting edge of the digital landscape.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integrations

Systems in silos are a thing of the past and now the digital transformation is delivered through enterprise integration. ATG’s integration team is staffed with certified enterprise integration experts who are ready to architect, develop, and administer system integrations using the best available integration tools.

Product Development

Product Devel­opment

Arora Technology Group is continuously creating high-quality solutions for current and emerging industry problems.



Arora ATLAS for Work Management logoArora ATLAS® for Work Management introduces mobility and Geospatial integration into the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) landscape. ATLAS for Work Management is designed with facilities operators and maintenance in mind. The user-friendly interface is designed by technicians, for technicians, and allows for the stress-free management of assets and work orders in the field. Integrations with leading EAM providers also makes it adaptable for almost any facilities management scenario.

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The Arora ATLAS® for Venue Management Platform is designed to allow owners to take control of their facilities’ floor plans. Our platform allows organizations with multiple buildings, public access, changing floor plans, or multiple locations to easily manage and maintain accurate and timely facilities floor plan data.

With the Venue Management Platform, owners have all their up-to-date floor plans in a single location and have the ability to easily share that information with anyone who needs it. Emergency evacuation plans can be digitized and delivered across multiple channels, visitor analytics can be collected and shared with partners for increased revenues, and visitors can receive up to date venue information when changes in infrastructure occur.

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TRAX SmartRestrooms is a smart technology-driven solution that gathers key data from restrooms and utilizes it to fit the needs of each client, including:

  • Restroom user throughput
  • Restroom user feedback
  • Automatic cleaning alerts
  • Smart stall occupancy
  • Passive custodial staff monitoring

This information helps improve the operational efficiency of custodial teams by providing real time maintenance data, assists in streamlining cleaning activity and inventory management, and provides accurate reporting data to administrative and supervisory staff to help develop the best possible facility maintenance plan, which will improve overall efficiency and decrease costs.

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TRAX Clean + Inspect ensures quality and performance with the use of mobile application and optional beacon installation. This application requires custodial staff to check off tasks throughout the day and allows supervisors to take that same task list to validate completion as well as provide feedback and images to the custodial staff.

  • Mobile App – Keep your facility’s complete status in the palm of your hand
  • Track Inventory – Monitor usage of consumables and other supplies
  • Scheduler – Assign times for cleanings, inspections, and more

Geospatial as a Service (GaaS)

The Geospatial as a Service (GaaS) lets facilities leverage location-based technologies without the hassle (or cost) of implementing and maintaining complex information systems and data. Through this cloud-based subscription service, we work with you to develop and maintain reliable data, then we deploy applications based on industry best-practices and handle all software and hardware upgrades, licensing, and security issues. This leaves your team free to utilize the data and focus on the job at hand. Location is key, and through this service, all operations, maintenance, safety, security, planning, and engineering staff, as well as their managers, will be able to easily access location-based data, which will be designed and implemented to meet their business needs.

Geospatial as a Service

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