Master Systems Integration

Master Systems Integration

Arora understands modern asset management, sustainability, and customer satisfaction demands require facilities to implement complex, smart systems and devices. In order to maximize the utility of these disparate yet complementary technologies, they should be integrated into a single interface.

Integrating system components helps facility managers to better monitor and control assets and resources, ultimately improving responsiveness while reducing overall costs and energy demands.

Arora provides Master Systems Integrator (MSI) services for integrating and managing various complex systems or sub-systems into a single, cohesive and functional system including participating in and overseeing the integration of critical building management systems such as security systems, fire protection, HVAC, lighting control, and access control systems to ensure smart automation of a facility is both possible and effective.


Clients that have multiple projects can count on Arora’s expert management of the design and construction program. In this role, Arora assists our clients in managing multiple architects, engineers, constructors, schedules, and budgets.

The MSI acts as a project manager, coordinating the efforts of multiple sub-contractors and suppliers to ensure that the final product meets the customer’s requirements. As your MSI, Arora coordinates your trade contractors and procurement packages to ensure system requirements are integrated into project planning, design, installation, testing and commissioning.

Arora provides MSI services throughout the lifecycle of a project from planning, design, construction, testing and commissioning. In the planning and design phases, Arora develops and coordinates system integration requirements with other designers. Arora then provides oversite during construction and facilitates and verifies system integration testing and commissioning.

Arora provides MSI services for large-scale reconstruction projects to coordinate the integration of various systems and sub-systems outlined below to ensure a seamless customer experience:

  • Access control system
  • Video Management System
  • Passive and active IT systems
  • Fire Protection systems
  • Building Announcements system
  • Electrical Power / Lighting
  • Common Use/ FIDS / MUFIDS / BIDS
  • Baggage Handling System
  • Building Management system
  • Queue management System