BNA FIDS & Public Address – Visual Paging Systems Replacement

Arora provided engineering design services for the design of an airport wide, new addressable and Visual-Public Address/Paging System and the replacement of two large Flight Information Display System (FIDS) displays in the Main Lobby area at the Nashville International Airport (BNA).


The scope of work was divided into three subsequent phases:

  • Phase 1: Preliminary Design
  • Phase 2: Final Design
  • Phase 3: Construction Services.

The design and consulting tasks included:

  • Performing a complete on-site analysis of existing systems.
  • Meeting with stakeholders and identifying all required systems features, enhancements, and high-level budgets.
  • Identifying the process for the implementation of new systems while keeping existing systems running.
  • Preparing construction documents consisting of drawings and specifications, setting forth in detail the requirements for the project construction.
  • Performing all necessary final quality control elements, including inter-discipline coordination, peer reviews, and document and calculation checking.
  • Providing Construction Administration and on-site inspection services.
  • Evaluating completed contractor installations and preparation of as-built drawings.
  • Identifying, resolving, and correcting technical problems.
  • Providing an airport wide study and report.
  • Providing an all universal cabling distribution system (backbone and horizontal cabling elements).
  • Setting large LEDS FIDS displays in the terminal lobby.
  • Setting FIDS and Public Address standards.
  • Integrating fire alarm and public address.

This project helped improve Nashville International Airport’s overall environment, provided more efficient operations, and implemented the latest technology to help facilitate outstanding customer service to welcome passengers.


Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA)


Nashville, TN