BOS Rehab and Approach Light Pier

BOS Runway 4R-22L Rehabilitation and Approach Light Pier Replacement

Arora is currently performing professional engineering services to design and layout the removal and reinstallation of the Runway 4R ALSF-2/SSALR approach lighting system in coordination with the upgrades to the Runway 4R Light Pier.


Arora’s work includes design efforts and FAA coordination to reinstall the ASLF-2 system at exact locations, in conformance to FAA design standards, for a fully functional airfield lighting system upgrade within the limits of disturbance. Arora is providing ancillary engineering design for the following key project elements:

  • Cross-discipline coordination with Pier replacement to minimize downtime of ALSF-2 system and associated CAT II/III infrastructure.
  • Design and layout of the removal of the existing ASLF-2 approach lighting system lighting fixtures and structures. Lighting fixtures & structures will be carefully stored for reinstallation.
  • Design and layout of the demolition/removal of existing ALSF-2 power and controls back to junction cans adjacent to the new pier.
  • Design and layout of ALSF-2 light plane profiles and lamp schedules. The light plane will be coordinated with the proposed pier elevation change.
  • Design and site layout of the reinstallation of ALSF-2 light equipment.
  • Design and layout of removal and reinstallation of Far Field Monitor, shelter, and associated components from the existing pier to new. The existing antenna
    elevation will be adjusted to 8” below the ALSF-2 light plane.
  • Design and layout of power distribution to Far Field Monitor and ALSF-2 light station.
  • Design and layout details for mounting, cabinet, and wiring installation for ALSF-2 components.
  • Underground electrical and series circuit distribution with limits of disturbance.
  • FAA and Utility coordination
  • BOS Rehab and Approach Light Pier
  • BOS Rehab and Approach Light Pier
  • BOS Rehab and Approach Light Pier
  • BOS Rehab and Approach Light Pier
  • BOS Rehab and Approach Light Pier

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