Cheyney University IDIQ Services Contract

Cheyney University IDIQ Services Contract

Arora Engineers, Inc. (Arora) was selected by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) to provide various on-call engineering services for the System and its Universities. Under this IDIQ contract, Arora provided multidisciplinary design, engineering, and construction phase services for three projects at Cheyney university in order ensure various university facilities were more efficient and inviting for students and faculty.


Electrical Assessment for King Hall: Arora provided engineering services for the electrical assessment of King Hall, which was used to determine the feasibility of installing window air-conditioning (A/C) units throughout its dormitory rooms. Arora provided the following services:

  • Reviewed existing drawings and performed a site survey to understand the existing electrical distribution system configuration and estimated available capacity.
  • Selected a standard window A/C unit capable of cooling typical King Hall dormitory rooms.
  • Performed load calculations and determined the capability of the existing electrical system to support the proposed A/C unit installation.
  • Provided an Assessment Report stating findings and recommendations, which included pictures, calculations, and single line diagrams.

Emlen Hall and Burleigh Hall: Arora provided life safety, MEP, and architectural design services to Cheyney University in order to increase the number of dormitory beds for on-campus students at Emlen Hall and Burleigh Hall. The University sought to make the buildings safer by documenting for construction, needed repairs, and upgrades to existing fire protection systems. The University also sought to enhance energy efficiency and the comfort of the resident students of Emlen and Burleigh Halls by documenting for construction, the addition of vapor barriers, and insulation for the building’s original 1930s exterior stone walls and attic spaces.

In order to complete this work at Emlen and Burleigh Halls, Arora provided the following design and engineering services:

  • Onsite survey to gather detailed information associated with existing field conditions.
  • Researched construction materials and installation techniques.
  • Determined approaches for modifying the existing dormer and attic wet pipe fire suppression systems to aide in preventing future freezing issues.
  • Determined approaches for modifying the existing mechanical systems, dormer, and attic ventilation control to aide in preventing future condensation issues and preventing future freezing issues within the dormer / attic wet pipe fire suppression systems.
  • Prepared architectural documentation defining multiple vapor barrier and insulation installation measures the University could implement over multiple phases.

Harriet Tubman Hall: Arora provided mechanical, electrical, and structural design / bid, construction administration, and project closeout services for the design of a central air-conditioning system throughout the contiguous open areas of the first floor of Harriet Tubman Hall.

Arora’s scope of services included:

  • Onsite survey to gather detailed mechanical and electrical existing field conditions related to the project area and scope.
  • Design of housekeeping pads to mount the exterior elements of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air-conditioning systems.
  • Design of penetrations through existing building elements, such as exterior and interior walls and floor slabs.
  • Calculation and design of VRF air-conditioning systems to serve the contiguous open areas of the first floor.
  • Design and layout of the condensate drain piping systems to collect cooling coil condensate from each of eleven VRF air-conditioning split unit.
  • Design and layout of electrical requirements to support and power the various VRF air-conditioning systems’ elements, exterior condensing units, and interior split units.
  • Design of supports to secure refrigerant, condensate, and power lines, and to be the foundation for the University provided refrigerant, condensate, and power lines protective encapsulation system.

Additionally, Arora will provide the following construction administration services for Harriet Tubman Hall:

  • Prepare and submit to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, signed and sealed permit application drawings.
  • Attend pre-construction meetings.
  • Attend biweekly construction progress meetings and provide construction observation.
  • Review and respond to written RFIs and substitution requests.
  • Shop drawing / submittal review and response.
  • Review and respond to change order requests.
  • Perform substantial completion inspection and punch-list.
  • Perform final completion inspection.
  • Provide record design drawings.
  • Review contractors as-built drawings.

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