CCP Career and Technology Center

The Community College of Philadelphia Career and Advanced Technology Center

Arora Engineers, Inc., (Arora) was selected to provide engineering design, support, and documentation for The Community College of Philadelphia’s Career and Advanced Technology Center located in West Philadelphia. The project involves the design of a technology-rich facility of approximately 75,000 SF focused on automotive technologies and engine repair for vehicles using gasoline, diesel, CNG, hydrogen, battery and energy sources not yet brought to market. An automotive lab, accommodating twelve vehicles, is equipped with a dynamometer, a dozen lifts, engine exhaust evacuation system, and an HVAC system with CNG, NOX and CO detection. A high-bay diesel lab accommodates a public transit bus and a heavy construction diesel truck serviced by a 5-ton rolling crane and an adjacent dedicated classroom.

The upper-levels offer mixed-use classrooms, study and training spaces focused on various manufacturing disciplines including CNC manufacturing, energy, and trades training, a robust welding lab, with additional advanced specialized industry equipment. Other curricular programs include business courses, information technology, healthcare and Diagnostic Medical Imaging training and academic support.


Arora provided technical support from the Planning Phase through the current phase of Construction Administration. The facility will be LEED Silver certified at a minimum and will incorporate Green Roof technologies. Design services include:

Mechanical Arora provided design services for the facility’s two distinct HVAC systems: a general system to serve the majority of the building (classrooms, etc.) and dedicated systems to serve the Auto Tech and Diesel/Heavy Equipment program spaces, with their unique code and operational requirements. Specifics include:

  • A building-wide VRF heating and air conditioning system with flat plate heat exchangers.
  • Enhanced fresh air and exhaust in the vehicle and welding labs.


  • New sanitary and storm laterals connecting to the sewer main and combined sewer main respectively.
  • Elevator sump pump in elevator pit.
  • Domestic hot and cold water.
  • Emergency showers fed by dedicated electrical tankless water heaters.
  • Natural gas service.
  • Compressed air for industrial tools/equipment via a duplex rotary screw type air compressor with integral tank mounted refrigerated air dryer.
  • Wet and dry systems augmented by a water-cooled diesel fire pump.
  • Roof hydrants for Green Roof.
  • Vehicle fluid piping systems for lubricating oil, anti-freeze, windshield washer fluid, etc. provided via portable dispensing equipment included in the shop/lab equipment.


  • New electrical service and distribution throughout the building.
    LED lighting fixtures.

Fire/ Life Safety

  • Automatic wet sprinkler fire protection system.
  • Standpipe system.
  • WON-DOOR movable partitions at the primary egress stair.
  • New addressable fire alarm system with manual and automatic initiation devices installed throughout the facility, and an emergency voice evacuation system.

Special Systems

  • Telecommunications rooms to store headend equipment and cabling distribution to end devices.
  • Structured cabling.
  • Wireless Local Area Network.
  • Security Systems, CCTV and Access Control.

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